• Esther Fawson Russell Portrait in 1915
  • Richard and Louise Holtsclaw in 1930s
  • Jimmy Fawson - He was mad
  • Earl and Anna Friend at 50th wedding annivsary
  • Eva and Clyde Fawson about 1919
  • Brothers: Joseph, George III, and William Thompson portrait in 1860s

Photographs are Family Treasures

My name is Cindy Friend and I am scanning family photographs into my computer. This photograph history came from Sarah Ann (Butler) Fawson, Esther (Fawson) Holtsclaw, and Louise (Holtsclaw) Friend. Our photographs hisitory began in the 1700s with Samual Kennell who was born in 1772:

I   am looking for your help becuase many of the family photographs were not identified with complete name, parent information, location, event, date etc. If you sent photographs to Esther (Fawson) Holtsclaw &/or Louise (Holtsclaw) Friend or know can identify someone it would be great if you could contact me so that these photographs can be labeled correctly or eliminated if you wish. My goal is to make a family DVD available to family members who would like one. The family DVD will document our family history for generations to come.

The last names represented represented in my family/friend history:

Adling, Anderson, Barker, Barton, Bean, Biddle, Bishop, Bloxham, Bollinger, Burner, Burrow, Butler, Clymore, Cobson, Corbidge, Cowan, Dean, Dickens, Diller, Dowdle, Downs, Edge, Edwards, Evans, Farillas, Faulkner, Fawson, Fraser, Friend, Gates, Goldsmith, Griffin, Hagen, Harth, Hawkins, Higgins, Holtsclaw, Jacobson, Jones, Kennell, Kenney, Keti, Knee, Larkin, Lawton, Lewis, Marcroft, Martin, May, McGill, McIntosh, Newman, Nicks, Nielson, Northey, Paterson, Pearson, Peer, Plassier, Portillo, Potts, Preston, Quarterman, Rainwater, Record, Rieske, Russell, Scatterfield, Shearburn, Simmons, Smith, Staten, Stroschein, Sweet, Talker, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tuttle, Vale, Volk, Walker, Waters, Westley, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woodward, Youngblood, Zimmerman and more.

I  am so excited to learn more about the people in my family. When I was growing up we didn't live around alot of our extended family members.

Thank you for your help